What are Bad Traits of a Capricorn Man that Girls Need to Know?

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Capricorn (Dec 22nd – Jan 20th) is supposed to be the sign of calmness, maturity, and stability. Those born under this zodiac sign are sensible, secure, and sensitive in their own space. However, they can become snobbish, bossy, easily embarrassed on a bad day. Today, let’s take a look at bad traits of a Capricorn man. What is a typical Capricornian male like? A close glance into the following information will help you understand Capricorn-born men more.

Being the tenth sign of the zodiac and symbolized by the goat, Capricorns generally are very ambitious, and often driven by the need for success, money, position, as well as authority. A Capricorn man is quite serious, especially to something that is meaningful to them; thus, he will not appreciate if seeing you are joking around or making fun of him. He’s an ambitious person and very interested in social climbing – he even can dump you to hang around with someone enabling to help him. He is the type that always thinks ahead and wants to be in charge.

This guy is a truly workaholic and does not like to be spontaneous. Before taking risks, he must ensure he is very well-calculated. Your Capricorn male seems to be emotional; yet, he refuses displaying his emotions in public. What else?

Dark Side of Capricorn Male in Relationships
Negative Qualities of a Capricorn Man

Talking about Capricorn male bad traits when involved in a romantic relationship, he likes to be productive, takes life seriously, and is very practical. Once knowing him better, you’ll realize that he rarely lets his hair down easily. However, his characteristics are what you want in a true partner – someone you are able to rely on. From what is written about Cap males, additionally, this guy is most content when controlling others. He was born with a king complex and a need to always be on top; he loves telling others what to do and showing his power.

Most Capricorn men can’t stand those who are flighty and indecisive, have bigger egos than them, and act bossier or more dominating than them. Not to mention that your Cap lover often feels uncomfortable with his personal relationships, suspicious of others, fatalistic and stubborn, and pretty pessimistic and rigid.

  • Headstrong, selfish, and stubborn: Because of his ambition, Capricorn will not stop at everything to achieve what he wants. Sometimes, he can also be selfish in any choice or decision he makes. He may choose to do something out of the certain line without any care.
  • Superior, snobbish and aloof: Capricorn has a tendency to approach anything with reserve; this makes him superior and aloof, and even snobbish at times. At first, he will be polite enough to get himself immerged in any conversation; however, he will not be reluctant to make any effort to get close to someone who is not to meet his standards and demands.
  • Apathetic and indifferent: Normally, a Capricorn always tries to protect himself from being hurt. He may be a cold and harsh person outwardly, but this is much better than letting him show how he truly feels. He will show his great loyalty and undying affection if you enable to make him open up.
Capricorns are very determined to rise to the top. These men will exert all their energy into achieving a goal, sacrificing relationships if needed. In case you’re in love with a Cap guy, it’s a must to know bad traits of a Capricorn man. Your relationship with him will go smoothly as long as you understand they are very ambitious. Constantly wearing masks to prevent people from seeing his real person, he is actually extremely loyal and affectionate.

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