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On the zodiac wheel, Capricorn rules the House of Masculinity – this can explain why Capricorn woman finds herself playing the male role in a romantic relationship. The earthy lady is a homebody who prefers staying home comfortably to enjoying a night out on the town. Her personality traits make her compatible with other astrological signs; however, “Why are Capricorn Woman Unlucky in Love ?” Is it true that girls with the Goat symbol have the worst luck with men? Let’s find out now!

Why It's Hard for Capricorn Woman to Find Love

The Capricorn woman has a very hardcore depiction – she can be strong in certain aspects of life and extremely emotional. She has a tendency to attract weak men (because of strong, confident appearance) and is not so lucky in love. Interestingly, she does want ‘realness’ and honesty from the opposite sex. This lady will say NO to one-night-stand; instead, she always yearns for a solid relationship filled with love, compromise, and stability. In general, Capricorn needs a lover who enables to bring her out of her shell and remind her not to take life seriously.

Why it’s hard for Capricorn woman to find love? Below are the possible reasons that we really want to mention…let’s take a look:

  • She’s busy working (most of the time)
  • She won’t settle for less since she’s never satisfied with anything less than perfection
  • She sets the rules and prepares plans for everything
  • She’s too bossy, critical, and especially negative
  • She’s resistant to change
Most men can’t stand having a partner who keeps telling them what to do, not to mention having their mistakes pointed out. Therefore, the Capricorn girl’s natural tendency to criticize everything plus incessant need to gain control of everyone would make her very unattractive to the potential suitors. Before loving the Capricorn woman, you need to hit all of the checkboxes on her list of Mr. Perfect – immaculate manners, intelligent mind, precise sense of humor, envy-inducing job, and so on.

Now, can you find the answer for the “Why are Capricorn Woman Unlucky in Love” question? For additional information, don’t mind asking us!

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