How Do Capricorn Men Act When In Love (With 8 Obvious Signs)

It’s not surprising if you find yourself falling in love with a Capricorn man.

He was born with an utterly irresistible charm – an attractive trait that most women easily get drawn to. When a guy of this zodiac sign gain interested in you, how can you tell whether he truly has special feelings for you?

Normally, he will try his best to conceal his emotions from you unless he knows you inside out.

So, how do Capricorn men act when in love?

Here are signs which will give you clear insights into exactly what’s he thinking of you.

8 Signs to Know If Capricorn Man Loves You

when capricorn men in love

Like most other things in his life, the Capricorn male treats love seriously.

He is definitely not a flirt nor a player, as well as not the kind of person who enjoys one night stand. This guy believes in true love and will wait patiently until his true mate appears; after that, he will work hard to keep the valuable relationship.

Rather than wasting time on mind games, he prefers to make deep, romantic communications with his beloved lady. When it comes to love and relationships, it will either be a determined move towards happily-ever-after or a decisive move away to better pastures.

Take a sight at the following to find out what signs telling this guy possibly has feelings for you:

  1. Shows concern for your safety and becomes protective
  2. Mentions something reminds him of you
  3. Acts out of his ‘character’ when being alone with you
  4. When there are only you and him, he can be very affectionate quietly – strokes your hair, kisses your forehead, massage you neck, etc.
  5. Stares at you with a smile or looks at you lovingly
  6. Opens up to you more when time passes, like telling you his childhood, family life, and more
  7. Do more things that shows he has some sort of trusts in you
  8. Activates his ‘father mode’ and give you advice

Capricorns are very cautious, so don’t expect any of them to rush into a relationship with you. Making sure the right timing also indicates his blooming feelings towards you; thus, you shouldn’t press him to give you a commitment.

Capricorn Men Personality Traits and Dating Tips

what are capricorn man negative traits

Is it true that you’ve set your eyes on a Capricorn man? What points of him do you dins interested in?

Today, take your time to learn all about Capricorn men – the information here can help you understand your crush more. This guy is tough, but when it comes to love relationship, he’s very shy. He seems like he needs no one or nothing; in fact, he really does.

If you get to know him well, you’ll find that he’s warm and caring; however, his nature holds him back from showing his deepest emotions.

His basic traits

The Capricorn man is not the type that easily puts his trust on just anyone. He builds a wall around him since he yearns for security and is afraid of being betrayed by other people – this causes him to have melancholy behavior, serious intent, and practicality.

Also, he’s good at covering his feelings with his sense of humors. Because of all the fences around this guy’s heart and soul, not many can truly understand the ‘real’ him.

Deep down in his soul, there’s a man who craves for freedom, enjoys compliments, and desires romantic, true love.

For a Capricorn man basic traits, please take a look below…

  • Positive: sensible, self-assured, wise, cautious, discipline, and patient
  • Negative: stubborn, shy, self-centered, pessimistic, detached, and moody

His love & relationships

In order to win the heart of the Capricorn male, you need to be perfect for them. The image you portray to others is very important to him – you have to be a good housewife, mother, and faithful spouse.

With this man, your appearance, face, and body are the last consideration. As you all know, he’s super shy and indecisive when dealing with women. Instead waiting for him to make the first move, you should be the initiator to capture his attention.

However, when trying to approach them, you shouldn’t act too aggressive or you will push them away. Try to be tactful and cautious in your approach, remember!

Dating a Capricorn, you can expect a lot of passion and physicality. Rather than showing emotions, he yearns for love deep down.

How do Capricorn men love?

It takes time for him to trust, but you can earn his trust by showing your admiration and care towards him. In love, he’s a faithful, romantic, and sensual partner; however, until you unlock this side of him, you must be patient.

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