When A Capricorn Man Is Hurt: A Glimpse Into His Behavior

What happens if you play with a Capricorn man’s feelings?

This guy finds it naturally hard to express his emotions, so how does he react if being disgruntled?

When dealing with hurt, he usually suffers in silence but may resort to irrational behavior as a cover up. A part of his characteristics does not let him burst out in anger.

Check this article to know what to do when a Capricorn man is hurt!

Brief Talk about Capricorn Man

When A Capricorn Man Is Hurt: A Glimpse Into His Behavior

He is reticent and introvert by nature.

As an influence of his sign’s Earth element, he tends to hide his true feelings. He believes in expressing his love through his deeds rather than in words. His basic temperament is to work towards his goals.

Patience and perseverance are his special assets while being ambitious on his objective.

This man is the traditional type and does not appreciate change in major aspects of life. A Cappy can be hurt very badly, very easily. Even if hurting, he is a humble and kind person who believes in forgiving his offenders.

How to Hurt a Capricorn Man?

Look for the best way of hurting a Capricorn man in love?

Try to insult his being including his personality, his character, or his social standing. Then, he’ll be very likely to never take a serious look at you again.

For example, telling him he doesn’t fit in, calling him weird, or telling him he’s a loser in any way. The typical Capricorn guy won’t show it. He is very stiff and non-reflecting when it comes to emotions. He may likely quiet up and be really gentle around you on the outside.

Nonetheless, he’ll probably flinch at every word you speak deep inside.

How to Handle a Capricorn Man Getting Hurt?

How to Handle a Capricorn Man Getting Hurt

In love, what would happen if you hurt your Capricorn partner but you didn’t do it on purpose?

He is not straightforward with his emotions so if you can, apologize, sincerely. You might have really hurt him. And, it could take a while for him to open up again to you. Just do not take it too personally!

Acting like you do not care will hurt him the most.

He can have a very hard time moving on, especially when you try to ignore his efforts to apologize and reconnect. He is very loyal and can hold on to a person for quite a long time. Most Caps will always have a sense of loyalty to the woman they have deeper feelings for.

In general, how can you handle when a Capricorn man feels hurt?

Leave him alone for a while! He never protests openly; therefore, this allows him to quickly overcome the grief and retain normalcy. Also, take your time to think and find out the mistake committed.

Honestly talking to him and accepting the fault is enough to win back the respect and admiration of the Capricorn male. If he truly loves you, then there is no need for an explanation. This guy believes in honesty and commitment.

How Does a Capricorn Man Act When Hurt?

Capricorn male is well-known for his cool-minded, indifferent attitude towards everything in life. Nevertheless, indeed not many people realize that he is very fragile and easily gets upset for a long time because of some small things.

He just does not want to let others see his vulnerable side.

How does a Capricorn man react when hurt? Does he get in a rage like most Scorpios?

Slightly different from other signs, when a Capricorn guy gets hurt, he certainly won’t be surrounded by a rage; instead, he would keep the anger to himself and stay quiet. Cold outside and sensitive inside; it’s hard to catch up his feelings as well as know exactly what he’s thinking about.

Because of his Capricorn personality traits and behaviors, he is stable and sometimes serious yet very reserved. He is independent and needs nobody to rely on except his family and close friends.

At first glance, he seems like a tough, complicated man; actually, he has a lonely heart.

He always put friends, family, and loved one before anything else as he values all the relationships in his life. Never do anything damaging his feelings or it may hit him terribly than you thought.

He is usually the forgiving type as long as you make it clear not to hurt him again.

When Capricorn Man is Angry…

Talking about Capricorn and anger, this guy will get authoritative when he feels angry. Rather than saying he is angry at you, he will declare that you have disappointed him, that you are horrible at something, or that you have failed him.

In case he’s really, extremely upset, he could gradually feel like he is having an out-of-body experience.

Your Capricorn man may try to disengage and leave the scene to avoid getting provoked more. Finally, up to a certain point, he probably decides that he no longer has relation with you.

He might annoy easily, but generally, it takes a lot to anger Capricorn man.

We definitely not recommend you to cross that line because once he is angry with you, keep in mind that he has no time for you.

How to know if a Capricorn male is angry?

He may not even tell you that he feels hurt because of you. Most of the time, he just spend ignoring you and sorting things out. Very intuitive, your Cap mate is good at reading people.

Nine times out of ten, his first impressions of you will always be right.

So, don’t think about lying to him or he will be able to tell when you are dishonest. Even if he can’t, he will eventually find out the truth that you lied. This man has no tolerance for those who tell lies to him, especially the ones he loves.

One certain thing, he is infamous for one of the most loyal in all signs of the zodiac; nonetheless, when you hurt a Capricorn man, anger him, break him trust, or just screw him over, you are so done.

Your bond with him will be over; even if he forgives, he will not forget.

Things to Know about a Capricorn Man in Love

Things to Know about a Capricorn Man in Love

Obviously, some of you may have heard something about him in the past – he indeed has a warm heart and secretly yearns for others’ affection. Seems tame and content outside; in fact, no one can keep this male Goat down.

In the zodiac, he’s known as the overachieving workaholic.

As an earth sign and ruled by Saturn planet, you will find this sign to be practical, responsible, goal-oriented, patient, tenacious, secure, and wise. As such, Capricorn man has a natural, inborn talent for comedy – they are masters of irony and wordplay.

Born under the planet of discipline and structure, he never stops being the disciplined, direct, and ambitious guy who only gets what he wants.

Don’t expect him to respond to flattery and compliments because it’s the achievement of his goals that gets him fired up. This man is a big fan of mystery, also.

Getting to know your Capricorn man can often be a difficult process. Men of this sign sometimes are closed off. At the same time, they seem so driven that everything around them looses meaning.

It may be hard for you to get close to your Goat partner; that’s why here we provide 5 important factors to keep in mind about Capricorn man.

If you are looking to date or romantically involve with him, remember that he is:

  • Driven and passionate
  • Initially stoic
  • Not overly social and traditional
  • Cautious
  • Ambitious and determined

How Capricorn man express his love?

Capricorn man in love easily gets attracted by who are hard-working, who can appreciate tradition, and who is able to look forward to share the finer things with him. Also, he’s drawn to intelligent, focused ladies – if you are a smart woman, don’t be afraid to show him your intellect as he’ll surely show a great interest in you.

Never be impatient while figuring out a Capricorn man. He’s extremely methodical, so he can become annoyed if finding you are trying to force him into something he does not prepare yet or jump into his talks.


Now you’ve got the ideas about when a Capricorn man is hurt, right?

Yet I will warn you. If you manipulate him and get his emotions riled up, you’ll soon lose someone who is the very bedrock of your stability.

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