When Married Capricorn Man In Love With Another Woman

How to know married Capricorn male unhappy with his relationship?

The man born between December 21st and January 19th belongs to Capricorn zodiac sign. Ruled by Saturn planet and symbolized by the Goat, the male Capricornian will make an almost ideal partner and is definitely marriage potential.

There is always something steady, reliable, and dependable about this guy telling you that you can trust your heart to them.

However, everything in life has its own downsize, so does the relationship of Capricorn man. Discover when a married Capricorn man in love with another woman here to know more about this matter.

Find out the reasons:

Understanding a Married Capricorn Male

understanding married capricorn man

If you are sharing a marital life with a Capricorn man, you can easily recognize that he gives the silent treatment at times.

At the first stage of the relationship, he makes a sensual, romantic, and passionate hubby; however, as the time passes, he slowly becomes cold and rarely expresses his feelings to you. Women involved in love affairs with the Goat often wonder whether or not he is sociopath.

When this guy is unhappy, and so displeased, will Capricorn man stay in an unhappy relationship? 

Such a good question, unfortunately, it’s a little trickier to answer.

Some think that this male cannot walk out of a failed marriage may be because he extremely worries about his public image. In fact, the reason for why a Cap male stays in an unhappy marital life is probably similar to the reason of women.

He can be sentimental sometimes, especially when it comes to relationships. If he has been with a woman for a long time and has shared intimate moments together, he will feel a deep loyalty and fidelity to the idea of the relationship.

Rather than looking the relationship in the future, he keeps thinking about it of years or months ago. He’s unable to let go of the past; thus, he will be stuck in a cycle of unhappiness.

He will stay in an unhappy relationship if he thinks that it’s the only relationship that he can find. Lack of confidence, he’s likely to return to a painful, unhappy relationship as he keeps thinking that he cannot get another person.

He is very displeased as he’s in his jealousy mode.

When a Capricorn man has strong feelings attached to a woman, he can become very possessive. At this stage, the thought of his lover being with someone else will make him unhappier.

He will not leave the relationship if he really loves the loved one. He stays because he hopes that everything will get better and not worse.

To Capricorn, there’s no need to go on to the next woman, because he will end up back at square with the same mistakes.

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Capricorn Man in Love

He takes love and relationship seriously and tends not to take commitment lightly. He approaches slowly into love, rather than running headlong as some of his zodiac fellows might do.

It’s not easy for a Capricorn to find a partner, mainly because he seldom spares the time to go looking; he almost devotes his life for the career path. In the marriage life, he often feels unhappy despite the fact of being unemotional and controlling outwardly.

Love is a serious business to Capricorn – people born under this sign have learned from experience that nothing comes easily, and romantic relationship is no exception to their life rule.

The Capricorn male in love wants a relationship that’s built to last as he believes it’s an obligation that he needs to take seriously. He’s not the kind of person who easily commits to people unless he knows he’s able to give his woman his all.

For a Capricorn, finding a potential mate is pretty difficult – he prefers to meet someone through reliable sources like family and friends or someone who doesn’t make him feel awkward as well as out of place.

Remember that Capricorn only needs a woman who is as invested in the relationship as he is and is not hesitant to do everything to make it work. He finds a girl who seeks a lengthy relationship and says ‘yes’ to challenges is way more charming than someone who only knows to play ‘games’.

When a Capricorn man in love with you, he’ll make sure this relationship is going to be worth his time. As we mentioned above, this guy is not a player and does not go for one night stands.

Rather than being attracted by a girl’s appearance, he prefers to know her charms and personalities well before entering into a relationship.

Once he has carefully studied his potential mate, he’ll determine whether or not she is worth his investment – Capricorns are known for judging everything on long term, no matter it’s a business proposal or a relationship.

Final Thoughts

It’s hard for Capricorn man to fall in love.

This guy tends to be a bit shy and reserved at first so he doesn’t rush into anything. He always quietly looks for the most appropriate partner – after entering a relationship, he falls for someone easily and quickly.

When he falls for someone, he will give his heart to that person.

In general, he tends to seek a long-term relationship. Once he finds his extraordinary woman, he will do anything to keep her by his side. However, it seems like this guy will have a problem if his partner surpasses him in any way.

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