When A Capricorn Woman Is Mad In Love (Guide To Handle Her)

When you get a Capricorn woman upset, you’ll receive the silent treatment.

Why does she so cold and distant at times, seem to be out of touch?

This is often her way of feeling. The Cappy girl is internalized, so she finds it hard to express her emotions outwardly. She would rather hold it in and deal with whatever is upsetting her on her own rather than telling it to someone else.

Wearing her heart on her sleeve is extremely difficult for her. Although she won’t tell you that she’s upset, it can be obvious in a couple of ways. The typical way is isolation – she will do her best to stay away from you so that you can’t see through her.

When A Capricorn Woman Is Mad In Love

When a Capricorn woman is mad, don’t pressure her to open up; instead, letting her know that she’s hurting and you’re there for her if she needs you. The best thing you can do for her is to be understanding and empathetic.

Underneath the confident appearance is just a very sensitive soul that has a very tough time dealing with her sensitivity.

So, handling an upset Capricorn woman is not as easy as you think, especially if she keeps holding her problems in. Without release, she may erupt at times, crying or getting angry over small things.

In these cases, let her express everything she’s been holding in.

Capricorn Female Upset in Love Relationships

tips to handle a mad capricorn woman

If you think you have the quiet, reserved Capricorn girl in the corner figured out, think again. One of the most important things to know about her is that she is a mystery – she is a mysterious creature from birth.

As she grows older, she slowly builds layer upon layer of walls around herself to safeguard what is dearest to them within their hearts.

The world living inside their mind, from dreams, goals, to visions of destiny are kept locked deeply within as Capricorn woman are extremely internalized. What you see, therefore, is only the outer layer, concealing the many facets that lie beneath.

Since Capricorn is an Earth sign and ruled by time, if you can’t be patient with her, you’ll never truly get to know her. A Capricorn female is all about authenticity. She is not one to feel something on the inside and wear a completely different attitude on the outside.

In love relationships, how to tell if Capricorn woman is upset?

She might annoy easily, but generally, it takes a lot to anger this gal. Never cross that line! Once she is angry with you, she has no time for you. She would not even tell you she is feeling upset about you.

Most of the time, she simply flats out ignore you, and no way she tells you they are mad. She will take a bit of time to herself to sort things out, but most of the time, you may not know what a Cap is capable of.

Her sting can be deadly. If you rub her in the wrong way, she will have absolutely no reservation about putting you in your place.

Dare to make Capricorn woman upset? Do not even think about that!


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